COVID-19 Protocols

Covid – 19 protocols for training must be met! Regulations from Ashton College are as follows:

  • No spectators are allowed to attend the sessions. Parents will need to remain in their cars in the parking or can watch from the parking.
  • All players will need to be screened before they enter onto the property. If the Ashton Security team and the electronic system is still operational we may use that as our screening station. If the Ashton security team has knocked off for the day (usually around 5pm) BUFC will have someone at the entrance of the mini astro screening players and taking registers.
  • BUFC will need to keep registers of all players and coaches at all times in case of inspection.
  • BUFC will provide hand sanitisers for our sessions.
  • Players to walk from the car to the astro with a mask on, and then put the mask on again when leaving the astro.
  • No sharing of waters.